The Digital Entrepreneurship: Innovative Teacher Training, with the acronym Digital TeacherPreneur Project is developing and implementing innovative practices and tools to offer teachers specialized training in digital entrepreneurship.


“Digital entrepreneurship includes everything that is new and different about entrepreneurship in a digital world, including:

  • New ways of finding customers for entrepreneurial ventures.
  • New ways of designing and offering products, and services.
  • New ways of generating revenue, and reducing cost.
  • New opportunities to collaborate with platforms and partners.
  • New sources of opportunities, risks, and competitive advantages.

In terms of education, digital entrepreneurship opens new possibilities to train the next generation of entrepreneurs. … It’s just a different world educationally from case studies, simulations, and business plans.”
J.P. Allen


Digital Teacherpreneur is a project funded by Erasmus Plus as a Strategic Partnership in the field of vocational training to support innovation. It aims at the development, transfer and implementation of innovative practices improving competences and skills of educators in the field of entrepreneurship, particularly in Digital Entrepreneurship.

Professionals in education and training who participate in initial and continuous professional development training schemes are the project’s main target group/ audience.

Our Project will contribute to promote initial training and continuing professional development in the field of Digital Entrepreneurship, through new innovative learning methods, which will allow teachers to develop the skills, mindset and competences needed to train a new generation of entrepreneurs .

Digital Teacherpreneur starts on 01/10/2019 and ends on 30/09/2021.