Intellectual Products


O1. Study on the profiles, training needs and characteristics of the teacher- Entrepreneur (Digital Teacherpreneur)

The study aims to delve into the figure of the digital teacher-entrepreneur (Digital Teacherpreneur) and the competences and personal characteristics that are their own. We will also address the idea that entrepreneurship is possible, not only when we set out to create new businesses, but when, from the trainer and educator profile, they act as entrepreneurial professionals, with certain characteristics and a way of acting.

In the study, the association will stop and analyze the skills of the Digital Teacherpreneur, specifically those that are aimed at preparing people to be responsible and entrepreneurial people, helping them develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to achieve their own goals.

The differentiating feature of the project lies in the fact that it delves into digital entrepreneurship and the training needs of teachers for this area of entrepreneurship.

One of the main objectives of the project is to define a profile of the Digital Teacher-Entrepreneur and their initial and ongoing training needs throughout their professional development. In addition, it is intended to provide key characteristics of the Teacher-entrepreneur facilitator of learning related to entrepreneurship. This analysis will be carried out on the basis of each of the partner countries (Austria, Spain, Italy and the Czech Republic). All this information will be collected in the “Country Guides”, which function as a detailed study for those interested. The country guides will be the result of the intellectual production of the project and are composed of four expanded texts, in the four languages of the partners plus English to favor their appreciation and transfer.

The information will be compiled and written with care, after an exhaustive investigation, with references to the relevant information provided by those in charge of carrying out the study, according to the methodology designed by the person in charge of the Product. Each Guide will also be summarized in a two-page document, which will contain the most relevant data for each country. These condensed texts can be found in all four languages.

The Guides will consist of the following information:

  • Definition and profile of the current Professor in charge of Entrepreneurial Initiative education in secondary schools and VET
  • Table of initial training needs and education for permanent professional development.
  • Characteristics of the Digital Teacherpreneur; Skills and competencies


O2. Educator Guide: Digital Teacherpreneur

The Educator’s Guide will be the third product to be developed by the project, based on the previous results obtained from the inventory reports carried out.

Once we have the characteristics of the Digital Teacherpreneur and what their skills should be: Entrepreneurial, personal and didactic, the project will go a step further and propose the development of the Educator’s Guide, a compendium of methods and tools to explore new formulas of teaching related to digital entrepreneurship.

The guide will present both theoretical and practical teaching methods-tools in digital entrepreneurship, proposing the use of interactive and pragmatic methods, active self-learning, action-oriented pedagogies, group dynamics, teamwork, case studies, learning through of projects, student-centered methods, workshops, conferences, invitation of experts, simulations, learning through direct experiences, methods of personal development and self-assessment.

The main objective of the Educator’s Guide is to define a catalog of methods and tools to provide secondary education and vocational training teachers with more strength and elements when developing the entrepreneurial skills and abilities of their students.


O3. Electronic training platform for teachers

  • The technical team of the project understands that the technology made available to education has significant potential in improving learning and education, helping the acquisition of numerous skills and competencies among teachers. That is why the project proposes the implementation of a skills training program, through an online learning platform with the aim of:Propose a creative solution adapted to the challenges of learning entrepreneurial skills and competencies, both in initial training and ongoing training.
  • Increase the productivity of teachers, having more time to ask more creative and valuable questions, through agile education tools that are easily adaptable to the needs of students.

The Learning Platform will be a powerful complementary tool to electronic / pdf documents, as it provides a virtual environment for educators in both national and international contexts.

Through the platform’s communication channels, teachers can be encouraged to engage in peer learning at home or abroad, further expanding their knowledge, skills and competencies in the area of ​​digital entrepreneurship.

Educators could collaborate with colleagues outside of their institutions and exchange lesson plans and learning materials.

The platform will be endowed with different “Skills Pills” that consist of work units around different skills related to:

  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Professional Skills
  • Didactic Competences


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Study on profiles, training needs

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