Multiplier Events

E1: Final conference: Digital Entrepreneurship: Innovative Teacher Training – Digital Teacherpreneur

Date: 09-2021

Objective: share and disseminate the activities carried out, and mainly, the results obtained by the project. It will be the day to present the results obtained to the participants of the event, explain in detail the NETWORK created by organizations dedicated to professional training and active in the labor market and all the learning resources generated.



E2: Multiplier event. New professional profiles based on Digital Transformation in Europe

Date: 12-2020

The objective of the multiplier event is to organize a day to collaborate, share and transfer the results that are obtained with the project.

The idea is to have the participation, not only of the partners, but also of the target groups, VET centers, teachers and members of political and educational organizations to increase the visibility and sustainability of the results obtained.



E3: Multiplier event. Open Digital Entrepreneurship Resources for Europe Teachers

Date: 05-2021

The objective of the event to be held in Italy, the CNR-ITD headquarters, is to increase the visibility, sustainability and dissemination of the project, specifically, the product related to digital training resources.

It will be a day of participation and collaboration to achieve the sustainability of the project and its results.



The structure of the event will be made up of presentations and round tables on the following topics:

  • Education 3.0
  • Access to educational resources on Digital Entrepreneurship in Teachers
  • The new Teachers 3.0; Role of the Teacher-Entrepreneur
  • Use of ICT in Educational Centers