O2. Educator Guide: Digital Teacherpreneur

The Educator’s Guide will be the third product to be developed by the project, based on the previous results obtained from the inventory reports carried out.

Once we have the characteristics of the Digital Teacherpreneur and what their skills should be: Entrepreneurial, personal and didactic, the project will go a step further and propose the development of the Educator’s Guide, a compendium of methods and tools to explore new formulas of teaching related to digital entrepreneurship.

The guide will present both theoretical and practical teaching methods-tools in digital entrepreneurship, proposing the use of interactive and pragmatic methods, active self-learning, action-oriented pedagogies, group dynamics, teamwork, case studies, learning through of projects, student-centered methods, workshops, conferences, invitation of experts, simulations, learning through direct experiences, methods of personal development and self-assessment.

The main objective of the Educator’s Guide is to define a catalog of methods and tools to provide secondary education and vocational training teachers with more strength and elements when developing the entrepreneurial skills and abilities of their students.

Guide for teachers England
Guide for teachers Spain
Guide for teachers Czech Republic
Guide for teachers Italy
Guide for teachers Germany