O3. Electronic training platform for teachers

  • The technical team of the project understands that the technology made available to education has significant potential in improving learning and education, helping the acquisition of numerous skills and competencies among teachers. That is why the project proposes the implementation of a skills training program, through an online learning platform with the aim of:Propose a creative solution adapted to the challenges of learning entrepreneurial skills and competencies, both in initial training and ongoing training.
  • Increase the productivity of teachers, having more time to ask more creative and valuable questions, through agile education tools that are easily adaptable to the needs of students.

The Learning Platform will be a powerful complementary tool to electronic / pdf documents, as it provides a virtual environment for educators in both national and international contexts.

Through the platform’s communication channels, teachers can be encouraged to engage in peer learning at home or abroad, further expanding their knowledge, skills and competencies in the area of ​​digital entrepreneurship.

Educators could collaborate with colleagues outside of their institutions and exchange lesson plans and learning materials.

The platform will be endowed with different «Skills Pills» that consist of work units around different skills related to:

  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Professional Skills
  • Didactic Competences